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SISV: Small Independent Schools in Victoria

Supportive of Progressive and Alternative Education

You may choose from a variety of innovative, alternative and progressive schools in Melbourne.

To find out more about their individual philosophies and approaches go to the following links by clicking on the school name.

Most of these are government registered and funded schools as can be seen from their inclusion on the AISV website or from their web address ending in ".vic.edu.au"

Alia College

Alia College offers a cheerful school experience in a nurturing and creative environment. Alia is a secondary college, Melbourne-based, co-ed, inclusive, independent, non-religious, tolerant and academic in focus.

Alia supports all parents in their search for the particular education that they desire.

Candlebark School

Candlebark is the school started by well known children's author and educator John Marsden.

Candlebark is a school for students aged 5-14, on the world's biggest campus: 1100 acres just north of Melbourne, Australia.
In a lovely setting of native forests, European trees and gardens, from log cabins perched above a creek and waterfall, 80 students pursue knowledge and wisdom, food and each other, on bikes, scooters, skateboards, and even sometimes on their own feet.

Candlebark is a co-educational day school, has no school uniform, and operates on a first-name basis.

Fitzroy Community School

As well as following a normal academic curriculum, FCS provides many outings, camps, concerts and other outdoor activities. The school was founded to ensure that children develop confidence and communication skills.

The roll is kept to about 55 children, so that everybody knows everybody, and the school enjoys a community spirit. There is a personal atmosphere, rather than an institutional one. The classes are small and the curriculum is broad.

FCS is an independent, alternative primary school. It has its own unique style of operation. It has a relaxed atmosphere and good outcomes at the same time. Children are keen on learning and keen on coming to school. Some years we have no turnover of families at all.

Melbourne Community School

Children are individuals and so we believe they learn best when allowed to learn at their own pace. We provide a wholistic education where children don't just learn in isolation - they pick up specific skills and knowledge in the context of greater experience.


The Preshil philosophy is based on encouragement, equality, co-operation and the supremely valuable concept of discovery. Preshil students love learning and are part of an academic journey which sees them develop a rich understanding of themselves and the world.

Village School

We aim to delight and inspire children to be resourceful, independent learners. We celebrate individual differences, but encourage children to develop an awareness of their place in Australian society and the global community. We want them to have an understanding of their role in supporting and caring for each other, all living creatures and the natural environment.

Keating College

Keating College is a new, independent co-educational secondary school, due to open in Melbourne in 2009. It will be concentrating on five core academic areas (English, Maths. Science & Technology, SOSE and LOTE), with a view to preparing students for VCE and University entrance.
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